New Charging Dock for the AutoProPAD G2 Turbo

This newly reimagined charging dock from XTool was designed to provide a safe charging space for your AutoProPAD G2 Turbo. Affix it to the surface of any desk or workbench to prevent scratches and to provide visibility and easy access. We know your tablet rides shotgun if you’re a mobile guy, so at the end of each day you can at least pretend to do the right thing by keeping your device secure and fully charged, ready for you to carelessly toss it around the following day.

Shop guys, let’s not pretend we don’t frisbee our tablets across the bay so the rookie can handle an OBD add-a-key on a 2015 Ford Focus. Establish a secure place where all devices can be returned, so that they can properly recharge between vehicles. With secure dock storage, you’ll know right away if you accidentally left several thousand dollars of equipment inside a customer’s vehicle.

Contact your authorized distributor for more info!


Upgrade your capabilities!

Quickly add SOIC flashing and key/transponder pre-coding functionality for BMW and Mercedes-Benz to your arsenal. Read over 2,000 chip, component, and device types, including MBZ infrared. Learn more here

It’s Mercedes Week for the AutoProPAD G2 Turbo!

Contribute your experiences, win prizes, watch us program a Mercedes, and more! Stay tuned for more information. Post your video programming a Mercedes with the G2 Turboand win free keys that work with Mercedes! CLICK HERE to learn more here

Yes We Can

Stop turning away business… Learn Mercedes programming and increase your bottom line!   WATCH THIS VIDEO BELOW!!DON'T FORGET!! POST your Mercedes programming videos in our AutoProPAD Facebook Group! On Friday, we’ll announce some winners with free stuff!...

Programming Mercedes Interview

Questions about the G2 Turbo and how to program Mercedes? Tune in to our Facebook LIVE EVENT! Friday, 4/30, 10am PST. Win door prizes just for showing up!   WATCH THIS VIDEO BELOW!!ALSO DON'T FORGET!! POST your Mercedes programming videos in our AutoProPAD...

ALOA 2021

  Attention locksmiths! Come stop by the Lock Labs booth at ALOA 2021! Enter to WIN a new AutoProPAD G2 and many other prizes! Meet the team, ask questions or just stop by to say hello! We will also be having EEPROM demonstrations with Tyler and the KC501, so...

Programming 2018 Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep Key

CLICK HERE to download the full PDF

Nissan Sentra Sylphy B18 AKL Instructions

CLICK HERE to download the full PDF

Mercedez-Benz AKL Key Matching

CLICK HERE to download the full PDF

CAN FD is back on AutoProPAD

Programming CAN FD vehicles with the AutoProPAD is back! The programming process for these vehicles has changed a bit so we have compiled the information you need to be successful right here.  As always, please feel free to contact our technical support if you have...

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