CAN FD is back on AutoProPAD

Programming CAN FD vehicles with the AutoProPAD is back! The programming process for these vehicles has changed a bit so we have compiled the information you need to be successful right here.  As always, please feel free to contact our technical support if you have any comments or questions about the process.  The requirements to program these types of vehicles are continuously changing and our engineers strive to keep up with them.  Thank you for your patience as we break new ground and navigate these processes.  Please follow these instructions to successfully program CAN FD vehicles.


STEP ONE – Identify the vehicle.

Use the chart below to determine if the vehicle requires programming with the CAN FD process.  Check for detailed information on any make, model and year of a vehicle.  Be prepared for the wait time to program some newer vehicles.  This is a new requirement implemented by the car maker on specific models.  If the vehicle that you are programming is not listed on the chart, please consult for more information.

CAN FD Vehicle Support List

STEP TWO – Determine if you need the CAN FD Adapter.

An adapter with the capability to communicate with the CAN FD vehicle is required for most AutoProPAD machines.  There are some newer units that have this capability integrated into the unit.  An integrated unit WILL NOT WORK with the CAN FD Adapter as it is not required.  Check your serial number to determine if your unit has integrated CAN FD capabilities:

AutoProPAD G2 – Serial numbers AG2-00771 and higher have integrated CAN FD.

AutoProPAD G2 Turbo – Serial numbers AG2T-01271 and higher have integrated CAN FD.

If your serial number is not listed above, you will need an adapter to communicate with the vehicle and complete the programming process.


STEP THREE – Obtain a CAN FD Credit.

Before you start the programming process, please visit to purchase a CAN FD credit.  The new programming process is more intricate than the previous process which now incurs a fee for every transaction.  The code will be sent to you by email almost instantly which you can then have ready to enter into your machine when it prompts you during the process.  Bulk discounts are available if you buy 5 or 10 credits at a time. Please see the website for details.


STEP FOUR – Program the vehicle with the AutoProPAD.

Make sure that you have your AutoProPAD on hand with a stable internet connection to begin the programming process.  You will need the CAN FD Adapter and a CAN FD Credit ready and available.  Below are the specific instructions:


Once all the necessary preparations are complete, connect your CAN-FD Adapter to the vehicle. Proceed to the immobilization page and open the US GM Software. From there, choose the immobilizer option and then select your vehicle. Once you have chosen your vehicle, select “Free Pin.” If you wish to program an additional key, select “Add a Key.”


NOTE:  We will be changing the buttons in the near future to reduce confusion.  We will update these instructions once they have been changed.


Alternatively, if you want to delete existing keys, choose “All Keys Lost.” If you possess a working key for the vehicle, press and hold the start button to switch on the ignition. In case you don’t have any keys for the vehicle, follow the instructions on the machine to forcefully activate the ignition. Once the AutoProPAD establishes a connection with the vehicle, it will prompt you to enter your 16-digit CAN-FD credit. After inputting the credit, simply follow the prompts on the tool to successfully program a key.


Does your vehicle require a 2-hour wait?  Read this important information.

For certain vehicles manufactured after March 2023, a mandatory 2-hour waiting period for programming has been implemented instead of the standard 10-minute waiting period. It is crucial for these vehicles to have a battery maintainer in place. If the car’s voltage drops below 12.5V, the BCM (Body Control Module) will enter a sleep state and the process will be canceled. For all vehicles, please make sure that the ignition is turned to the “on” position (indicated by a green start button) and not in the accessory mode (indicated by an orange start button). This is necessary to prevent the vehicle from going into sleep mode.


Is an active subscription necessary to use the CAN FD programming on the AutoProPAD?

YES, the machine will need an active subscription to be able to receive the updates necessary to keep up with the changing CAN FD protocols.


Do I need to update my AutoProPAD for CAN FD to work?

It is strongly advised that the latest updates are installed in any AutoProPAD being used for the CAN FD protocol.  There have been many revisions to the process and using older versions may cause damage to the vehicle.


Do I need to update my CAN FD Adapter?

By plugging in the CAN FD Adapter and starting the programming process, the AutoProPAD will automatically update the adapter.  Please follow the instructions on the screen to complete the process.

Additional instructional videos

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